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Building A Cheap DIY Raised Bed for $30

It's that time of year again! Here in New England, the ground is beginning to thaw and minds are shifting from snow removal to getting into the garden. A few weeks back we tempted fate by pulling the snowblower off the front of the tractor and replacing it with the loader. The mower isn't on yet, but it will be soon. Are you thinking of building some raised beds for the garden? We've seen a lot of nifty garden bed plans in the past, but if you want to maximize your productivity without breaking the bank, cedar raised beds are a recipe for financial disaster.

In this video, we'll show you how to construct a durable raised bed that you would actually want to use, for under $30. We've seen manufactured plastic garden beds, pre-fab cedar raised beds and other items that all serve the purpose of making a garden bed above the ground, sell for much more money. While the untreated pine of these beds will not last as long, they are much cheaper, and will serve their purpose as needed. With some simple tools and an afternoon, you can build a whole garden of inexpensive DIY raised beds that will provide a perfect setting for you to grow your own food at home. -Jack

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