New England's Own Homesteading Festival
Sept 10-11, 2022
Oak Park - Greenfield, NH

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New Englanders are a tough breed.  We do things our own way, fighting through frigid winters, wet springs, hot summers, and autumns that can imitate any of the aforementioned seasons, for varying increments of time. 

We've long needed our own homesteading conference right here in the northeast, focused on addressing the types of issues we face.  Come on out for a weekend of regional vendors, Northeast based speakers, and product demos from some of your favorite brands, all with a focus on farming and homesteading where we live.

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Guest speakers with years of experience will be covering topics ranging from how you can grow your small farm business to why you might want to add sheep to your homestead.  See Speakers Page for more info.


Ever wanted to see how a sheep is sheared?  How about how you can mill lumber at home?  Thought about processing chickens but wanted to see it in person first?  Presenters will be on hand to show you how they do it, in person.


Product vendors both local and national will be on hand to answer questions and showcase products.  You'll be set whether you're thinking of adding some new gear to the homestead, or looking to ask some questions about what you have.


Meet other like-minded individuals from the region, and build your network of support.  If you are interested in sourcing new genetics for your own livestock, bouncing questions off others for feedback, or just making new friends, this will be the place to do it!

Image by Tommy Johns